Established in 2004, and endorsed by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the U.S.-China Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP) is committed to working with CAAC, Chinese airlines, airports, associations, research institutes and aviation experts to strengthen safety, capacity and efficiency in China’s aviation system. ACP is an innovative public-private initiative that enhances friendship and partnership and promotes bilateral trade relations between the US and China. 

With nearly 36 corporate members from various disciplines within the aviation industry, the program is co-chaired by FAA and Boeing and its public members include FAA, US Embassy, TSA, and DOT. ACP friends and partners include CAAC, State Air Traffic Control (ATC) Commission, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), IATA, Chinese airlines, and Chinese airports. 

Each year, ACP programs millions of dollars of assistance with help from ACP’s 36 US member companies, and USG advisors. ACP’s work is grouped into several categories deemed as priorities for ACP assistance. This assistance takes the form of training, studies and technical assistanceUS orientation visitsworkshops, and symposia.  


To identify and address common issues important to the growth of China’s aviation system; 

To undertake joint activities that further safety, capacity, and efficiency. 


Safety and Security 

CAAC/ACP 2015 MOU pledged increased support for training and related activities to promote safety. Each year, for example, CAAC and ACP sponsor two safety symposia—one involving airline operations; and the other on general aviation. Both sides are currently working on a new MOU to deepen cooperation on safety and security since 2020. 

Air Traffic Management  

ACP and CAAC have prioritized assistance for the development of China’s air traffic system. Building on the completion of ACP’s Shanghai Area Airspace and Ground Optimization Project, Xi’an pilot project and other related activities, ACP is working with CAAC on new projects to increase capacity and efficiency. Chinese and US airlines volunteer their time and participate in these programs. 

Leadership Training  

ACP and CAAC are committed to continuing their Executive Management and Development Training (EMDT); and Air Traffic Management Executive Training (ATMET) programs.  

General Aviation and Business Aviation 

For over 10 years, ACP has been collaborating closely with key aviation stakeholders in China on GABA.  ACP has conducted five phases of GABA program so farThe ongoing Phase V builds upon the work accomplished in previous projects, informs participants about US industry practices and standards in these areas and develops specific and appropriate recommendations for implementation in China.  

Airport and Infrastructure Development 

Under an MOU signed by CAAC and ACP, both sides plan to expand and deepen cooperationWe are implementing the Airport Management and Operations Efficiency Training Program (AMOETP) that includes trainings in China and the US.   


ACP and CAAC Airworthiness Dept. regularly organize joint workshops and trainings to further bilateral airworthiness cooperation and to share best practice based on the signing of the Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness Agreement in 2017. 

Services and Membership Benefits

ACP membership is a rewarding investment for aviation companies interested in entering and growing in China’s aviation market. ACP keeps you informed of industry issues and trends, and offers you the combined experience of aviation companies already doing business in China. ACP designs win-win programs that take the form of either technical assistance or training. 

Trainings and Technical Assistance Activities: Working closely with CAAC and others, ACP designs and organizes technical assistance and training activities helpful to China’s aviation development and US commercial interests. These activities are offered through specialized training programs, workshops, study tours or specialized studies. This assistance is directed to China’s highest priority needs.  

Meetings and Networking: Members are invited to ACP meetings and enjoy opportunities to meet important aviation decision-makers and peers through seminars, workshops and social events. This gives ACP members exposure to some of the top people and cuttingedge ideas in the aviation field. 

To achieve ROI, programs are integrated and tied to MOUs and annual workplans vs. one-off activities. Case studies and pilots bring conversations and discussions to a practical, implementation level. In this way, true systems level impact is achieved.


General Aviation & Business Aviation 

Manufacturing & Airworthiness 


Leadership & Professional Development 

Airports & Infrastructure 

Airspace & Environment 

Organization and Staff 

ACP Co-chairs

  • Alvin Liu, President of Boeing China

  • Noel E. Arbis, FAA Senior Representative of North Asia

Support Staff: Yiming Li

ACP Staff

Geoff Jackson

Executive Director

Yiming Li

Senior Program Manager

Abby Bai

Program Manager

Li Xiang

Associate Program Manager

Join ACP

By joining the U.S.-China Aviation Cooperation Program you’ll be part of a highly recognized organization whose mission is to assist with China’s aviation growth, and: 

  • Gain access to senior Chinese aviation leaders through many ACP programs—trainings, workshops, conferences, and studies 
  • Be part of a public-private sector team, and work together on issues and promotional activities that are important to your business success in China 
  • Obtain help from a professional team of ACP staff experts who represent your interests  

To join ACP, simply contact the ACP staff via the telephone or email details found below 

Tel: (8610) 8519-0877 

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E-mail: acpgroup@amchamchina.org 

Address: Floor 3, Gate 4. Pacific Century Place, 2A Worker Stadium North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100027 PRC