The US-China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP) was founded in 2009 by 24 US companies as a private sector-led non-profit public-private-partnership platform.

With official support from US government agencies including the Department of Commerce (DOC), Department of Energy (DOE), and US Trade and Development Agency (TDA), together with Chinese government agencies including the National Energy Administration (NEA) and Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), ECP acts as a bridge connecting governments with the private sector to advance sustainable development and facilitate commercial cooperation on clean energy, energy efficiency, and environment sectors.


City Workshop Series

Gas Workshop Series

Waste to Energy Initiative

City Workshop Series

US-China (Beijing) Sustainable and Healthy City Development Workshop

US-China (Guangzhou) Energy and Environmental Protection Cooperation Workshop

US-China (Wuhan) Urban Infrastructure Workshop

Gas Workshop Series

US-China (Beijing) Gas Industry Cooperation Workshop

US-China (Zhejiang) Gas Industry Cooperation Workshop 

US-China (Shandong) Gas Industry Cooperation Workshop

Waste to Energy Initiative

US-China (Fujian) Waste to Energy Technical Workshop

USTDA China Clean Energy Study Tour for Urban Waste Management


ECP advances bilateral cooperation between China and the United States on clean energy, energy efficiency, and environment sector issues. We act as a bridge to connect governments with the private sector under the shared goal of advancing sustainable development and enabling commercial cooperation. Our five “pillars” form the foundation for building a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable, and efficient society for our two great countries.

Services and Membership Benefits

  • Free participation in ECP-sponsored and ECP-supported activities (the number of participants should be subject to ECP event notice, usually 30+ each year.)
  • Participation in ECP annual work plan development and related working group work discussions
  • Priority is given to member companies to cooperate with Chinese enterprises in the projects
  • Priority is given to the cooperation project between member companies and the Chinese enterprises when recommending bilateral demonstration projects
  • Priority is given to ECP member companies to have access to ECP Chinese partners and information of relevant Chinese project resources according to their needs

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Organization and Staff

ECP Co-chairs

  • Maggie Jia, Cheniere

  • Yumin Yang, ConocoPhillips

  • Ma Li, AmCham China Energy Cooperation Program

Support Staff: Ma Li

ECP Staff

Ma Li

Executive Director

Lucinda Liu

Senior Program Manager

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By joining the U.S.-China Energy Cooperation Program you’ll be part of a highly recognized organization whose vision is to create a healthier, more sustainable environment through China-US partnerships by leveraging government policy, implementing self-sustaining programs, and facilitating commercial cooperation on the energy and environment sector development. 

To join ECP, please contact the ECP staff via the telephone or email details found below:

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Fax: (8610) 8519-0899

E-mail: ecpmembership@amchamchina.org