Beyond Beijing, AmCham China Engages with Governments and Businesses Across China

All business is local, and AmCham China has a variety of vehicles to connect the largest foreign business community in China to many of our local government partners. In addition to AmCham China’s engagement with China’s central government and agencies based in Beijing, the Chamber also works at the provincial and local levels with government entities, development zones and industrial parks and businesses from across China to identify and attract mutually beneficial business and cooperative opportunities for member companies.


AmCham China’s Tianjin Chapter, Central China Chapter and Northeast China Chapter work to expand the Chamber’s reach and better serve member companies with footprints across the entirety of China. Located in Tianjin, Wuhan, Dalian and Shenyang, respectively, the Chapter offices work to engage with municipal governments, local businesses, and partner organizations to advocate on behalf of their members. Through events, trainings, and year-round advocacy efforts, the Chapters are pivotal drivers of AmCham China’s local outreach and influence.

Local Government Partnerships

Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce and Cities

As Shandong has China’s third largest GDP and the world’s 16th largest economy with a significant American investment presence, in 2018, AmCham China proudly announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Commerce Department of Shandong Province. This MOU included the intention of jointly supporting the establishment of a Shandong Chapter for the Chamber and turning the Shandong market into a strategic growth pillar for American business in China.

Built on two years of hard work between the two sides, the agreement was signed by Alan Beebe, AmCham China President, and Zhang Weike, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province on November 29 in Beijing. AmCham China is also a strategic partner for the Qingdao Multinational Summit, inaugurated in 2019, where AmCham China leaders and member companies held dialogues with Vice Premier Han Zheng.

In addition to the provincial government, AmCham China also works very closely with cities such as Jinan, Yantai, Weihai, Jining, Binzhou, and Qingdao to promote the local business environment, key projects, and local AmCham China member successes.

Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Area (TEDA)

In 2015, the AmCham China launched the Corporate Partner Program (CPP). In October of that year, long-time partner of AmCham China, the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone (TEDA), became the first official member of the Corporate Partner Program in the national development zone and local government category.

Since officially joining the Chamber’s CPP, various departments of TEDA have engaged in collaborative outreach efforts with AmCham China’s member companies through a variety of activities and media platforms. Through the partnership, AmCham China and TEDA together have provided medical services for member companies, and established a rich communication platform around a wide range of topics, such as safety production, automobiles, recruiting talents, etc.

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Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (BDA)

BDA is Beijing’s key high-end manufacturing and technology commercialization base, counting for roughly 30% of the capital city’s GDP. AmCham China’s member companies have considerable investment and projects in BDA, falling in communications technologies, supply chain, financial services, healthcare, agribusiness and food production, automotive and components, high-end machinery and equipment. BDA became AmCham China’s exclusive Corporate Partner in Beijing in 2020 amid the post COVID-19 business recovery.

In the initial phase of our collaboration, AmCham China and BDA will focus on delivering a series of programs for economic and industrial development discussions to enable business recovery and sterilize innovation in healthcare, high-tech and financial services, and manufacturing. AmCham China and BDA will also utilize the partnership to make policy recommendations to the Beijing Municipal Government to help FDI growth and help BDA source new investment opportunities amongst AmCham China’s member companies.

Local Government Partner Program

In response to the impact on China’s local economic development due to the COVID-19 epidemic, AmCham China has sought to elevate its support of local government partners to promote business development opportunities and regain local market confidence as companies re-evaluate their investment strategies, supply chains, and business priorities over the next three-to-five years.

To do so, AmCham China is now offering select local government partners the opportunity to join the AmCham China Local Government Partner Program with access to AmCham China’s premium marketing services and business engagement events.

B.I.O. Trips

Every year, AmCham China polls its member companies to identify regional areas of interest across China to explore new economic opportunities and partners for business development. Through our Business Investment Outreach (B.I.O.) Trips, AmCham China and delegations of member companies tour regional hotspots, meeting with provincial and municipal leaders, attending international trade forums, and engaging with local companies to seek out mutually beneficial, collaborative opportunities in the greater China business community.