Throughout the year, AmCham China releases a wide variety of publications, reports, and surveys aimed at providing actionable insights into the state of foreign business in China, as well as providing advocacy messaging on behalf of AmCham China member companies to both the China and US governments.

American Business in China White Paper

The White Paper is a member-led document drafted annually that provides a comprehensive analysis of the operating environment for foreign-invested enterprises in China. The White Paper is typically released in April and focuses on developments in the preceding year. The White Paper provides the foundation for AmCham China’s policy positions and is our primary technical reference document that helps to shape our engagement with the China and US governments and other stakeholders throughout the year. 

American Business in China White Paper
2021 American Business in China White Paper
2019 American Business in China White Paper

Business Climate Survey

The China Business Climate Survey Report (BCS) is one of AmCham China’s most important advocacy tools. It provides valuable insights to the Chinese and US governments about member companies’ concerns with respect to China’s regulatory and policy environment as well as the daily business challenges they face operating in China. Furthermore, the survey provides a useful tool for our members to measure their operations and compare business outlooks and strategies with the broader community.

2021 Business Climate Survey
2019 Business Climate Survey
2018 Business Climate Survey

Business Climate Survey Industry Reports

To paint a more full picture of the American business community in China, we delve even further into the BCS Report data to create tailored industry-focused reports. These reports breakdown the profound results of the BCS by individual industry and sector to build an even more comprehensive view of our local business landscape and the issues members of different industries are facing.

Agriculture Industry Report 2020
Policy Spotlight Series

AmCham China’s Policy Spotlight Series take a deeper look at the issues of most concern to the Chamber’s members.

The development of the agriculture industry continues to be a mainstay of China’s overarching economic development and an important aspect of US-China …


Insights was developed to distill crucial takeaways from selected AmCham China events, providing our business community with knowledge and resources to make intelligent business decisions on a variety of pressing topics, such as Cybersecurity, the Foreign Investment Law, Chinese Securities Laws, and more.

Practical Guide on Managing Tariffs
Global Cybersecurity Regime Development
China's New Tax Law and Global Effects

Flash Surveys and Other Reports

In 2019, AmCham China inaugurated a new tool, the “Flash Survey,” in order to enhance our ability to represent the views of our members on a near real-time basis on important developments impacting our businesses in China.

China Business Climate Sentiment Updates
COVID-19: US Companies Still Struggling with Pandemic-Related Restrictions, Despite Slight Improvements
COVID-19: US Business Confidence in China Shaken Amid Growing Impact of COVID-19 Outbreaks

The AmCham China Quarterly magazine

Newly re-branded and re-launched in 2019, the AmCham China Quarterly magazine delivers high-quality, unique business and policy insights to the executives of our 900 member companies and the greater business community, including many government stakeholders.
With the motto “Executive insights, interviews, and intelligence for business in China”, the Quarterly taps into the wealth of expertise and perspectives stemming from our members to provide a window into the industries, policies, and developments surrounding business in China, US-China relations, and the cutting edge of corporate innovation around the globe.