AmCham China operates at the heart of the American community in China, connecting US citizens and businesses with a vibrant, volunteer-led platform that represents American multinationals, SMEs, entrepreneurs and individuals in China.

To make this platform work effectively, our Privacy Policy helps you understand what information we are collecting and how we use it. If, after reading it, you have any questions, please contact We may update this statement periodically, so please check back here for updates.


1How AmCham China collects your personal information

Personal information and sensitive personal information: We may collect your personal information that you share with AmCham China, which could be used to identify or contact you (e.g. name, company, title, email address, phone number).

In some cases, with your permission or through a delegated representative we may collect additional sensitive personal information such as government ID details from primary cardholding members, or when requesting that AmCham China perform services on their behalf, such as visa applications. This sensitive personal information is stored digitally in an encrypted form, with visibility restricted to a small number of staff directly involved in these services. We further describe how we collects and use your personal information below.

Application for membership: To verify your identity and determine your eligibility to meet certain membership criteria, we require you to provide certain personal information.

Primary Members are required to provide a unique email address, name, organization, title, job level, job function, and cell phone.

Administrative Contacts are required to provide a unique email address, name, organization, title, job level, job function, and cell phone.

Cardholders are required to provide a unique email address, name, organization, title, job level, and job function.

Registering on the AmCham China Portal: To register on the AmCham China Portal, we require that you supply personal information including a unique email address, name, organization, title, job level, and job function. This information may be used internally to determine your eligibility to participate in certain programming. In certain cases, your name, title, and organization may be shared with event sponsors, although contact details and other forms of personal information will never be shared without your express permission. For all forms of subscription and registration your name and email will be used for email communications using the Glue Up platform.

If you create an AmCham China member profile or user registration, we track information on how you interact with our services. For any activity using a business email address belonging to an active member organization, we will attribute your interactions with AmCham China to your company’s aggregated engagement data. Your name and activity with AmCham China may be shared with leaders in the company.

Registration for services using third-party tools: You may register for AmCham China events using a third-party login, including the service provider Glue Up. By doing so, you are authorizing these third-party tools to transfer the personal information provided to them of name, email, organization, and title to AmCham China. When identifying personal information of your name, email, and organization, these will be shared with the service provider Glue Up platform to verify your membership status for member-only events.

Participation in non-publicized virtual or in-person meetings and calls: When you register for, RSVP, confirm in writing, or join any AmCham China meeting or call, virtual or in person—we have the right to collect any information that you provide directly, via any channel, be it digital or orally, in relation to participation in meetings and calls services. By participating in an AmCham China service, whether as a guest of another invitee, or unannounced, you agree that we may directly or indirectly collect the information of your name, email, organization, title, job level, and functional role, and attribute those to your participation in the services.  

Public activities and online interactions: AmCham China offers members and registrants opportunities to engage in services in public and online forums. Any actions you take in physical events or meetings, as well as online forums like LinkedIn and WeChat groups, are visible to other participants or online users. Any information that your participation or actions disclose becomes public, and AmCham China assumes no responsibility for information revealed in that manner, or any subsequent solicitations if parties attempt to contact you based on information revealed in public or online.

Personalizing service preferences:

Newsletters and interest areas: Your AmCham China account allows you to set your subscription preferences and programming interests. You may update your subscription preferences and programming interests at any time in the AmCham China Portal.

Promotional emails: AmCham China may send you promotional emails about our services. We will take every effort to only share relevant high-value opportunities. You may choose to unsubscribe through the member portal, or links in your email.

Surveys and research: AmCham China may collect additional voluntarily provided information in connection with surveys and personal preferences. Unless we specify otherwise at the time of survey and research collection, the response information will be tracked for each individual and may be attributed to your company. 

Event registration: AmCham China collects some personal information (e.g. name, email address, and organization) in order to register for most events. If you RSVP for a special event or invitation-only meeting, the host may require additional information, which we collect on a case-to-case basis.

Cookies: In the process of visiting our AmCham China web properties, cookies will assign your device a unique number which is stored in your browser. By default, most browsers will accept cookies, but you can set your browser configuration to block them. Blocking cookies might make some of our web features unavailable. AmCham China uses cookies to:

  • track settings that you enter including name, email, and membership status;
  • to access your information when you sign in and authenticate your membership status;
  • to log your shared interests and survey responses in order to send you more relevant invitations in the future;
  • to help us improve services by analyzing and estimating our traffic and use of features on the services.

We occasionally use “pixel tags”, which are small graphic files that allow us to monitor the use of the services. A pixel tag can collect information such as the IP address of the computer that downloaded the page on which the tag appears; the URL of the page on which the tag appears; the time (and length of time) the page containing the tag was viewed; the type of browser that retrieved the tag; and the identification number of any cookie previously placed by that server on your computer. We may use pixel tags, provided either by us or by our third-party advertisers and ad networks, to collect information about your visit, including the pages you view, the links you click, and other actions taken in connection with our services and use them in combination with our cookies to provide offers and information of interest to you. We also may allow certain analytic services and providers of applications used on the services (e.g., sharing buttons) to collect non-personal information by placing cookies on the services that will track certain performance measures, such as web traffic, click-throughs, etc., in order to assist us and our service providers in better understanding and serving the interests of our users.

Sensitive personal information: Sensitive personal information is only collected and used for clearly stated business purposes with the full awareness and explicit consent of individuals. We do require and collect authorized sensitive personal information on behalf of individuals and or companies with regards to visa business services, membership application, and as required to satisfy the evolving demands for member services. Voluntarily provided sensitive personal information that AmCham China may take custody of is generally limited to a digital facsimile and number of an identification card or passport, although there may be additional stated instances where sensitive information might be collected with full disclosures about its collection and intended business use.

Non-personal information: Non-personal information refers to information that is not attributable to you as an individual, such as job function and level, and professional industry, which may be tracked in aggregate for your interactions with AmCham China. Non-personal information may also refer to technical info like browser type and access time, which will be automatically collected each time online services are accessed.

Emails regarding membership and registration account status: AmCham China may email you regarding your account status, in terms of renewals, account status and billings.


2) How AmCham China uses your personal information

Application for membership: A company application requires that at least one primary member representative of your organization to provide a unique email address, name, organization, title, job level, job function, and cell phone. This information may also be collected from another primary contact associated with your company. Failure to provide accurate and complete information disqualifies an applicant from being considered for membership. 

Utilization of AmCham China services: Anyone who uses a business email address to register in the AmCham China Portal may be associated with their employer organization based on the business email. AmCham China may track the use of services connected with company employees and attribute that usage to the company.

Specified interests and engagement history: We may use your shared programming interests related to AmCham China, as well as your engagement history with our products and services to inform our selection of programming. We may also use your shared programming interests and engagement history to better customize invitations and information we send to you.

Member Directory: The name and title of cardholding members will be visible in the online Member Directory to other verified current AmCham China members when they are logged in to the website. Within the member directory, a cardholding member can voluntarily share a link to view a LinkedIn profile that is shared with other members after log-in.


3Storage and international transfer of your personal information: AmCham China primarily operates in China and stores data locally in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Your personal information will be retained for as long as is necessary to carry out the purposes set out in this privacy policy. The transfer of non-publicly available information about companies or individuals across borders does not play a part in any of AmCham China’s regular business operations. Due to the global distribution of the internet, there may be instances where some information that you provide through the use of our services, may be transferred to, processed in, and stored in countries outside of China or other than the country in which you reside. In the event that any information is transferred to other countries, we will take appropriate measures to protect that personal information. We retain a digital record of your engagement history with our products and services for 12 months.


4How AmCham China shares your personal information

If we have obtained your express permission, we may share your personal information (e.g. email, phone number, and mail address) with third parties designated by you for an agreed upon purpose

We may also share your personal information with third party service providers processing your personal information on our behalf. These service providers can process your personal information only for purposes as described in this privacy policy.

If your employer is a member company and you use a corporate email account in association with our products and services, your name and quantitative summary of your engagement history may be shared with the primary cardholder of your organization, and potentially also with other senior leaders in that organization.

We may share your personal information without obtaining your consent if it is necessary to (i) comply with applicable laws, regulations, government requests or court orders or (ii) defend ourselves in third party claims.


5How AmCham China protects your personal information

Data management precautions: AmCham China uses reputable international technology service providers to host data and provide cloud software services in accordance with the highest compliance requirements under applicable laws and regulations. With the exception of information we make publicly available as specified in this privacy policy, all data is only accessible by current AmCham China employees and authorized vendors legally bound by non-disclosure agreement. AmCham China applies appropriate data governance access restrictions to all forms of data that employees and vendors can access.

Additional protections for sensitive personal information: AmCham China stores all sensitive personal information in encrypted form, and is only accessible by individual employees directly responsible for using this information for the stated business use. There may be instances during processing sensitive personal information for its intended business where it is converted out of its secure encrypted form. In such cases, AmCham China will take appropriate measures to protect that personal information.

The request to exercise personal data rights:

 Review and update personal information: To review or correct digital records associated

with your email account, please log into or create an account at

Request a copy of your personal information for transfer: Please send the request to and write “Request for copy of data,” in the email subject. Your personal information will be provided via email in the form of an excel spreadsheet or CSV file.

Permanently delete account and personal information: Please send the request to and write “Request to delete data,” in the email subject.

For verification purposes, the request to exercise personal data rights must come from the email account associated with the personal data being requested. AmCham China does not possess other unique identifying information which could serve as validation.

Family members seeking to request information records or changes made on behalf of a deceased individual by a family member, should do so by lawfully accessing the email on file for the individual and following the steps above.


7) Special note for international visitors outside of China: Our services are primarily intended for businesses and professionals operating in China. Those who participate in, or utilize, these services outside of China agree to the full terms of use corresponding to AmCham China’s compliance with the laws and requirements of the jurisdiction of operation.  


8Children’s privacy: While AmCham China rarely, if ever, includes mature content in our programming or publications, by utilizing services we require you to certify that you are over 18 years of age. AmCham China will not collect and use children’s personal information without the consent of children’s parents or guardians.


8) Your Rights: You have the right to request: (i) access to your personal information; (ii) an electronic copy of your personal information; (iii) correction of your personal information if it is incomplete or inaccurate; (iv) deletion of your personal information; or (v) closure of your account in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. These rights are not absolute. You may exercise your rights by contacting via an email to []. We will respond to your request within 30 days after your identity is verified or within a time period as otherwise required by applicable laws and regulations.


9How AmCham China updates this privacy policy: This privacy policy will be updated periodically to reflect changes in our business practices or services. AmCham China reserves the right to update or modify this privacy policy at any time and without prior notice. Please review this policy periodically and when providing additional personal information. This privacy policy was last updated on the date indicated above. Your continued use of our services after any changes or revisions to this privacy policy are implemented indicates your agreement with the terms of the revised privacy policy.


10) Contact us: If you have any comments or questions about this privacy policy and our privacy practices, please contact us via an email to